Fromage à pâte molle à croûte lavée -
Soft cheese with washed rind

Produced as soft cheese with surface mould (but without addition of white mould). During the maturation the surface is wahed/brushed in saltwater or a solution of a selected bacteria culture, in order to promote the maturation. This will give a red/orange colour to the rind, and develop a characteristic flavour.

Affidelice au ChablisBourgognecowdry fruity whitespring, autumn
BerguesFlanderscowlight red,beerall year
Boulette d'AvesnesAvesnois-Thiérachecowfullbodied red, dry fruity white,beersummer, autumn, winter
Brique du Bas QuercyRouerguesheepfruity redspring, summer, autumn
CabriouletAriègegoatlight red, fruity red, dry light white, roséall year
Carré BretonBrittanycowfullbodied red, fruity redall year
Cendré d'AisyBourgognecowfullbodied red, still whitespring, autumn, winter
ChambertinBourgognecowfullbodied redsummer, autumn, winter
ChaumontChampagnecowfullbodied redsummer, autumn
Coeur d'ArrasArtoiscowfullbodied red, dry fruity whitespring, summer, autumn
ColombièreSavoiecowlight red, dry light white, rosésummer, autumn
Crayeux de RoncqPas-de-Calaiscowlight red, fruity red,beersummer, winter
CreusoisLimousincowfruity red, dry light whiteall year
DauphinAvesnoiscowfullbodied red, dry fruity white,beersummer, autumn, winter
Délice des FiouvesJuracowfruity redautumn
Double Bonde de NeufchâtelBraycowfullbodied red, dry light whiteall year
EpoissesBourgognecowfullbodied red, still whitesummer, autumn, winter
Fleur d'AunisCharentes Maritimecowfruity red, fullbodied redall year
Fleur de SureauAlsacecowfullbodied red, beerall year
GérardmerLorrainecowfruity red, dry fruity white, rosésummer, autumn
GéroméLorrainecowfullbodied redsummer, autumn, winter
Gris de LilleHainautcowfullbodied red, still white,beerspring, autumn, winter
LangresChampagnecowfullbodied red, dry fruity whitesummer, autumn
Larron d'OrsCambrésiscowfullbodied redspring, winter
LaumesBourgognecowfullbodied redautumn, winter
LivarotNormandycowfullbodied red, still whiteautumn, winter
Losange de Saint PolArtoiscowlight red, fruity red,beerall year
MarchoisFranche-Comtécowlight red, fruity red, dry light whiteall year
MaroillesAvesnois-Thiérachecowfullbodied red, still whitesummer, autumn, winter
MignonAvesnoiscowfullbodied red, still white,beerall year
MunsterAlsace-Lorrainecowlight red, fullbodied red, dry fruity white,beerall year
NioloCorsicagoat or sheepfullbodied redsummer, autumn
Pavé d'AugeAugecowfullbodied redsummer, autumn, winter
Pavé de ChiracAuvergnegoatdry fruity whitespring, summer, autumn
Pavé OcreLorrainecowlight red, fruity red, beerall year
PechegosTarngoatfruity red, fullbodied redsummer, autumn, winter
Petit CreuxBourgognecowfruity red, fullbodied redall year
Petit LisieuxOuchecowfullbodied redsummer, autumn
Pie d'AngloysYonnecowfruity redall year
Plaisir au ChablisBourgognecowdry fruity whiteall year
Pont-l'EvêqueNormandycowfruity red, fullbodied redsummer, autumn, winter
ReblochonSavoiecowlight red, fruity red, dry light white, dry fruity whitesummer, autumn
RollotPicardycowfruity redsummer, autumn
RoussotVosgescowfullbodied red, beerall year
RouyBourgognecowfruity redall year
Saint BalmontBassignycowfullbodied red, dry fruity whiteall year
Saint FlorentinBourgognecowfullbodied redsummer, autumn
Saint RémyLorrainecowfullbodied redsummer, autumn
SorbaisAvesnois-Thiérachecowfullbodied redsummer, autumn
SoumaintrainTonnerroiscowfullbodied redsummer, autumn
TerroirBrittanycowfruity red, fullbodied red, beerall year
Trou du CruBourgognecowdry fruity whiteall year
Vacherin d'AbondanceChâblaiscowlight red, fruity red, dry fruity whiteautumn, winter
Vacherin des BeaugesSavoiecowlight red, fruity redautumn, winter
Vacherin du Haut DoubsFranche-Comtécowlight red, fruity red, dry fruity whiteautumn, winter
VenacoCorsicagoat or sheepfullbodied red, still whitesummer, autumn
VoidLorrainecowfullbodied redsummer, autumn